Proclaim! International is a community of missionaries called to proclaim the gospel with creativity, humility and boldness, in obedience to the authority of Jesus Christ. We desire to honor God by doing all things with excellence and, above all, to “love one another,” proving ourselves to be his disciples.


On your 2nd tour you have to play 2 instruments at once!
This guy might not look old enough to be a veteran, but Ryan Harbert from California has served on several tours with Proclaim -- the first was in Croatia at age 17! Here is his take on on life on the road on one of the tours in Croatia:


Usually this part happens way too soon and much against my will, but there’s not much we can do about that. Sometimes coffee is ready, sometimes it’s not an option. In either case, the first goal is to try and pronounce the name of the town I’m in. If not pronounce it, at least remember it.


Bread, coffee, cheese, most of the time in any particular order. 


[EE-de-mo]. Literally: “Let’s go.” Of course, it always takes three idemo‘s to actually leave. the first one is like a gentle reminder that we should get moving. Nobody flinches from their breakfast. The second comes about 10 minutes later, where people get up and put their things together. But when you hear the third idemo, it’s really time to get in the car. This phenomonon was constistant through my entire trip, by the way. No matter the occasion, there were always three idemo‘s.


An hour on the road would be a blessing. Two or three were the norm, with the longest being nine. You become very close to your seatmates and learn lots of interesting things about them. Some of which you would rather not know.

Set up

We have one large maxi-van full of equipment and a total of zero roadies to set it up. That means if it’s going to be done, we are going to do it.  Somehow, the weather always managed to be between 35-40°C (for those unfamiliar with the metric system, it’s roughly between hot and really hot). When we started, this was a two hour process, but we got it down to a really smooth and casual two hours by the end of the tour.


The most fun part of the day. Time to rock out with the best musicians in the area and have an awesome jam session for an hour and a half, all while singing about God and preaching His word to people. Could you ask for anything more than that?

Tear down

Self explanatory. Like set up, but less hot and a lot more tired. On a good night, we would be packed before midnight and headed to dinner, or just our sleeping quarters for the night. Sometimes there was post show beer, sometimes people fell asleep in the car on the way to our host family’s house. Every night was exausting one way or another.


In over two weeks of touring, not once did anyone have a problem falling asleep. The only real problem was waking up the next morning to do it all over again.

Lather, rinse (if you’re lucky), repeat.


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PROCLAIM CD - Next Exit: Mercy Street

A mix of Rock, Blues and Jazz with tight vocals and a hot horn section, this CD is chock full of fresh tunes declaring the goodness of God and what it means to live for Him in an age of intellectual doubters.

The production of high quality recordings of our Proclaim music groups is essential to our ministry as a community of artists dedicated to glorifying God through artistic excellence. This recording has already helped open doors to strategic venues where people gathered to hear the gospel during our recent Mercy Street tour in Albania. The deep-message songs from the recording formed the core of the concert presentation, and concert guests who took CDs home with them have a tangible reminder of all they heard.

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average rating: * * * * *

-- Unique music, thought provoking lyrics

-- Issues of faith set to enjoyable music. Interesting mix of styles, instrumentation, and dynamic arrangements.

-- Excellent Music and content

-- Really loved this album, especially ONE WOMAN MAN and SOMETHING MORE. Great music and edifying lyrics!!

-- Fresh and original

-- These works are very original and even after repeated hearings they don’t get old. Superior production quality and musicianship all around. The content is thought provoking and enlightening.

-- Yay! LOVE THIS!!!!

-- SINNER'S PRAYER is my fav! This band is awesome!


-- Something Different

-- I find this music to be refreshing and unique. It's hard to define their music because it is a great mixture of many styles, but it speaks to the heart with an authenticity rarely found in recordings these days. The songs are well written and arranged. I find something different in them each time I hear them. And of course, I love the horn section sound!

-- Thumbs up!

-- I used to play music with some of these guys back in the 20th century, and listening to this outstanding lineup makes me want to grab an instrument and jump back in! If you're looking for warm fuzzy praise music, of which there is plenty, look elsewhere. But if you like gutsy material with real substance that speaks a language a world of skeptics and doubters can also understand, get this one. Love it!

-- Great originality!

-- This album is full of new and creative ideas. I hear something new that gets my attention each time I listen to it. The musicianship is superb and the content of the songs bears serious reflection. Highly recommended!

-- Superior product

-- If you are looking for Contemporary Music that speaks to practical Christian living in a godless world you can't go wrong with this album. The variety of vocals along with the great mix of talented horn solos and ensemble backgrounds, made this an enjoyable experience. Guitar, keyboards, and drums only add to the excitement and energy of this well produced album. Highly Recommended!!


-- WOW!!!... listening to your CD & we think it's terrific!!!

-- There is so much I like about this CD. The quality is excellent as are the musicians! Love the instrumentals... Really like PLEASE THE LORD.

-- Just listened to the CD today. It is excellent! I love the song SINNER'S PRAYER the best. Also the one about [IDENTIFIED] WALKING.

-- Very Good!!! First song [NOT THIS SIDE] is my favorite. Enjoyed the instrumentals.

-- Best music I’ve heard from you in twenty years.

-- Great musicianship, great production, great message!!

-- Sounds great. Clean mix and the solos are really well done...excellent work… Congratulations!

-- Great work, beautiful music with a strong message.

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